Top 6 Things to Consider When Buying Air Conditioner

Types of Air conditioners in Malaysia

Brainstorming and do some research, find out what is your requirements is the first thing that should be done before purchasing an Aircon. There are several types of Aircon available with different requirements and features in the market. You should be aware of it, so that you may not get confused about which one to buy at the store. For instance, aircon type that in the market here in Malaysia is window Aircon, split Aircon, portable Aircon, Central Air Conditioner, Hybrid Air Conditioners, Mini-split Air conditioner, Portable Aircon, inverter aircon, non-inverter aircon, etc.

Tonnage or Aircon Cooling Capacity

Tonnage is also known as Aircon’s cooling capacity. If you buy an air conditioning with less tonnage but you’ve got a much bigger room, it’ll directly increase your monthly electricity consumption. Plus, it will not cool the space properly due to less tonnage. Similarly, if you purchase an AC with more tonnage than needed it will make you feel like resting on the north pole. Here may be a simplified solution for your tonnage requirement decision:

· With room size up to 100 sq. feet: Buy 0.8ton Ac

· With room size up to 150 sq. feet: Buy 1ton Ac

· With room size up to 250 sq. feet: Buy 1.5ton Ac

· With room size up to 400 sq. feet: Buy 2ton Ac

Size of the Aircon

The size of the Air Conditioner is also one of the important factors to keep in mind before purchase an air conditioner. Window Air conditioners are a touch larger than split Aircon. House owners with small Rooms should consider that Aircon which needs less space to put in. Portable Aircons are made for this purpose only. Big size Aircons are often installed in big rooms with none hassle. Most importantly, it will not give the room any bad look.


The expected working life and capacity of the Air Conditioner is decided by the condenser and coils used in it. There are two types of condensers are being used in Aircons. The first one is the Copper condenser and the second one is an Aluminium condenser. Remember that Aircons are very technical in making in order that they need extra care and repair. Aluminum condensers are cheaper than copper condensers. But you’ll really need to pay more for maintenance if your AC has aluminum condensers in it. Aircons with Aluminium condensers have a brief anticipation.

It will be an honest idea to travel with copper Condensers. They are a touch costlier than Aluminium Condensers but have more anticipation. The copper condenser will offer you more cooling with low maintenance costs.

Power consumption

The majority of people know that Air Conditioner consumes high electricity. Due to that, it is crucial matters to put into consideration power consumption before buying an Aircon. Every year NEA, National Environment Agency, change the green tick ratings of Aircons based on their quality and performance. A higher tick rating means they consume less electricity. Low tick rating means aircon will use more power to figure.


Most of the time, when we are not familiar with the brand, we don’t have the trust to purchase it. Choosing an Air conditioning system that is from a highly credible Brand is safe. This gives a sense and confidence about the standard of the air condition.

Also, it assures you that if something goes wrong there will be good warranty and services. Try to take reviews from your friends, relatives, or google on review to find out about the specific aircon brand. This is another smart effort you’ll make so as to not wasting your money on less credible and cheap quality brands.

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