5 Important Features to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner

1. Condenser

The expected working life and capacity of the Air Conditioner is set by the condenser and coils utilized in it. There are two types of condensers are being used in Aircons. The first one is Copper condenser and therefore the other is Aluminium condenser. Remember that Aircons are very technical in making in order that they need extra care and repair.

Aluminum condensers are cheaper than the copper condensers. But you’ll really need to pay more for maintenance if your AC has aluminum condensers in it. Aircons with Aluminium condensers have a brief anticipation.

It will be an honest idea to travel with copper Condensers. They are a touch costlier than Aluminium Condensers but have more anticipation. The copper condenser will offer you more cooling with low maintenance costs.

2. Power consumption

We all know that Aircons consumes an excessive amount of power. So, power consumption may be a must-watch factor before buying an Aircon. Every year NEA (National Environment Agency) changes the green tick ratings of Aircons supported their quality and performance. Higher tick rating means they consume less electricity. Low tick rating means aircon will use more power to figure.It is not an excellent idea to get a low-cost Air Conditioner which uses more power to figure. This will increase your electricity and maintenance costs per annum. So Aircon Service Singapore company, MCL suggests you accompany the high tick rating Aircons.

Aircon rating and EER

The Green tick ratings provided on AC tells tons about the standard of the merchandise. Green Tick ratings are based on different factors. The major factor is energy efficiency. EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) tells about what proportion energy your Ac goes to use. So Always consider Aircons who have 3 or quite 3 green ticks provided by NEA

3. Cooling efficiency

Cooling speed and efficiency is additionally a crucial point to notice while buying Aircon. Every AC has a thermostat installed in it. This measures the space temperature and provides a sign to the condenser. For example, you set your Ac to 16 and therefore the current temperature is 30. Then thermostat will signal the condenser until the space temperature becomes 16. After reaching 16 thermostats will cut the signal.

If you’ve got a programmable thermostat and good condenser in Air Conditioner, it’ll take less time to succeed in the 16 degree temperature. Aircons with a nasty quality condenser and thermostat will consume more electricity and can take longer to urge to 16 degrees. This increases the load on the air conditioning and reduces the efficiency of Ac.

4. Noise

Consider noise as a crucial point while making a mind to shop for an Aircon. Many Aircons produce more noise when working. Always prefer the Air Conditioner who produce noise of but 50-60 DB. Ask the Aircon provider about the noise of it. A noise-making Aircon will disturb you while working and sleeping. Also, it affects the hearing capability of an individual who works 24*7 in Air condition. If your Air condition makes much noise in starting then likelihood is that higher that noise will increase after a while. In the future, it’s getting to cost you more in terms of cash.

5. Dehumidification Unit

Pre-check and ask your dealer about the standard of the dehumidification unit installed in Aircon. The Air condition you are thinking to buy must be good for Dehumidification. The task of the Dehumidification unit is to scale back the humidity of the space.

Aircons who have an honest Dehumidification unit increase the general efficiency and reduces future service costs. One more thing to see is that the filters installed in it. Good quality filters in Ac increases the cooling and efficiency of Aircon.

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